SFL x Snyk

Software For Love and Snyk Pursuing Impact Together

As part of our mission, Software For Love strives to solve technical obstacles faced by nonprofits and charities in order to help them fulfill their missions. Recently, we teamed up with Snyk to scale our application security through a developer-first approach, so we can spend less time worrying about vulnerabilities and more time focused on our mission. Software For Love is proud to team up with Snyk on this!

Snyk — in the early stages of formalizing and scaling the social impact aspects of their operating model — donated access to their industry leading platform. According to Bryan Breckenridge, Head of Social Impact at Snyk, “We, like Software for Love, want to lower digital barriers that social impact organizations face. Making the Snyk platform more widely available for social impact organizations with constrained technology budgets is one social impact lever we’re proud to pull. Securing and empowering nonprofits is an area we know we can add value.”

Software For Love plans to use Snyk as an integrated part of our development cycle and continuous integration pipelines, by:

  1. Scanning for vulnerabilities within our code through near real-time analysis of code smells and anti-patterns
  2. Scanning our code’s dependencies for older versioned vulnerabilities, and
  3. Placing a focus on security in our infrastructure-as-code provisioning and deployment process

This partnership will help Software For Love as an organization by allowing exclusively robust and secure code in our codebases, and by empowering our developers to learn from both common and uncommon mistakes/smells in the software development industry. Both Software For Love and our clients can benefit greatly from our expanding usage of Snyk.

Learn more about our partner Snyk and their mission and values here.