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At Software for Love, we foster a culture that promotes learning, collaboration, sustainability, and philanthropy. We always put our best foot forward and love taking on new challenges. We strive to use our knowledge and abilities to help our partners solve problems within our community.

Project Timeline

1. Discussion

After filling out the form below, we set up a time to call and understand your needs. We work with you to understand the problem and how best we can apply our technical expertise to solve it.

2. Project Planning

After our initial meeting, our team will thoroughly investigate the presented project requirements and create a proposed plan for implementation. We will work with our legal team to create a contract that will detail a timeline for the project with the breakdown of our planned solution.

3. Software Development

Once the contract has been signed, we meet on a weekly/biweekly basis to update you on the status of the project. Our process starts with designing, then implementation and finally documentation and maintenance. Throughout this process, you as the client will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on the project.

4. Project Delivery

We target to complete most project within four months. At the end of project term, we work to deliver the product and making sure that you are content with the work done.


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